birthsnapInstagram is a place that we go to share our work and inspirations. Whether it’s for a client event, something new and trending or something we find on our other event peers IG or Pinterest, we use Instagram just about every day.

We have been a user of the mobile app since April 2012, and it has revolutionized our life and events business. We not only enjoy instagraming things that fit with our style and brand, but finding things that other people would love. By simply doing this, our following on Instagram has generated 14,800 followers to date. (*as of December 10, 2013)


We were recently hired and taking an all expense paid trip by SightSoundLBC/Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, to go and witness the major overhaul of the facilities thanks to a $40 million revamp budget, including the centerpiece of the day: the debut of the one-of-a-kind Pacific Ballroom, which allows the Long Beach Arena to become a more intimate event space for 3,000 people with the simple raising and lowering of a technologically advanced truss and curtain system.
Due to our involvement, we were able to generate over *6M social media impressions. (*Stats provided by Lindsay Fultz- social media expert)

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*As of 02.26.14

If you’re interested in hiring us to Instagram your upcoming event contact us directly at: info@elitestylesevents.com