albertcheungportraitToday’s vendor highlight series will feature our favorite  photographer, Albert Cheung of Albert Cheung Photography. He is known for his great photographic style and is also a founding partner of FRAME, a commercial photography studio based in New York.

Albert Cheung is a New York-based photographer specializing in weddings, portraiture, and travel documentaries. His work has been published in the New York Times, AFAR, Food & Wine, and Interiors Magazine, and has photographed for Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, French Connection, and other fashion-based companies. With a background in design and architecture, Albert continues his visual work with capturing images for a wide range of personal and commissioned work.

We asked Albert a few questions about his company, what inspires his photography, and what distinguishes him as a photographer.

Tell us a little about your business?

I started Albert Cheung Photography in 2009 in an effort to encapsulate my passion for capturing images. Prior to my endeavor, I practiced for 7 years as an architect/designer in New York. During this time I built an eye for the urban environment, and my camera was my primary tool. Being a designer helped me to build skills to engage directly with clients and craft their vision, and being a successful photographer utilizes the same skill set.

I also lead Albert Cheung Weddings with a team of young and talented photographers, filmmakers, and editors in covering weddings and events across the globe. We’ve worked in the US, the United Kingdom, and Italy amongst other places, and every season brings exciting new opportunities to document. Our work has been featured in The Knot, Brooklyn Bride, and Fearless Photographers, and this year looks to be a big one.

Photography remains the most prevalent, accessible, and simplest form of communication and – with the power of the internet & social media – the most influential. The challenge of creating makes every day fresh, and the potential for impacting a vast array of industries with powerful imagery keeps me going.

What inspires your photography?

Culture, travel, and fashion inspires my photography. If we could take one step back further, I’d say humanity itself inspires my photography. Humanity’s innate role in building an identity for all its people groups, cities, and nations is fascinating and worth documenting in a static photo, because it is constantly changing and moving.

What makes you different from other photographers?

This is a tough one. To me, the idea or story behind the image is usually much more important than the image itself. It’s precisely why the term “photographer” can often be a misnomer, because a good photographer is more than just a person who takes pictures well. We are simultaneously journalists, fine artists, commentators, and architects on the field, and I humbly believe that I push myself in all those directions with my work. With everything I shoot, I will embrace the story around it, whether it is a wedding, a lifestyle brand, or a piece of history I am documenting. There is a little piece of me I leave behind in every place and person I shoot at/for. Would this make me different from other photographers? Possibly.

What makes your style of photography unique?

My sensitivity and knowledge of lighting techniques and perspective help set my work apart from others. Critics have mentioned that my work has a three-dimensional feel to it, and the places I shoot feel real and lived-in. I limit my flash work to a point where images don’t feel like flash was used at all. I don’t like that “pop-in-your-face” look – rather, photos should look as if you were looking at someone/something in reality.

What is your favorite type of photoshoot? Why?

My favorite subject of photography is weddings. My images play witness to one of the most important days of a person’s life. Going back to photography as a celebration and documentation of humanity, a wedding is the ultimate manifestation of this. From all the preparations, the details, the fashion, the emotions and the joy, there is nothing more satisfying than showing a couple their photos for the first time, and witnessing their memories through my artistry.(
A close second would be fashion lifestyle photography, from concept to location and post-production. I love creating branding images that tell a story.


What advice/helpful tips would you give an aspiring photographer who is just starting out in the business?

Don’t give up, your moment will come. Show your images to as many people as possible. Keep your ego in check, because someone will always be better/more successful than you. The key is to stay creative and try different ways of photographing the same thing.

Meet as many people as you can. Ultimately, if you are an amazing photographer but have no one important there to appreciate them, you’re basically just taking selfies :)

Write out your mission statement. Review it every 6 months. Meditate on it and repeat. Stay true to your work and your own personal story.


Our blogs will be highlighting a different vendor every month which will give you a chance to learn about different event services that will be beneficial for any of your upcoming events!

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