photo (5)This month’s vendor highlight will feature our favorite floral designer, Bess Wyrick of Celadon & Celery.  She has been featured in the New York Times, New York Magazine and BizBash. She’s known for branding and for her floral headpieces such as the one on Jeff Koons featured on the New York Magazine.

Celadon and Celery is an NYC and Los Angeles Event and Floral Design Company. They cater to the needs of New York City, Santa Monica, all of Los Angeles and Orange County, with a specialty in the art of floral and event concepts. They know that their clients are among the most stylish and design savvy in the world and are the most appreciative of their attention to quality and detail. Their floral and event designers combine shapes, materials, textures and innovative aesthetics to create unforgettable occasions. They offer full-scale event design, floral stylists and planning.

We asked Bess a few questions about her company, how she got started in the floral industry, and what sets her apart from other companies.

Tell us a little about how you started out in your career and what inspired you to choose this career path?

In high school I worked at very popular restaurant, Peppers, that held events at the space on a daily basis. I used to LOVE it when the florist would come in a

nd prep in the back sink area. I would always be her runner girl helping her fill vases, place the arrangements around the space etc. I loved it but never considered it as a career until after college when I started freelancing for several different boutique event business. Styling and arranging flowers came naturally for me, more so than the 9-9 I had working that the law firm.

What do you absolutely love about the floral industry?

I love flowers, I mean I really love love to play with flowers… I love to take them apart, open them up, talk to them, look at them, and dream about them. I listen to them. I love to visualize and play with new materials, touch new textures, and often dream of new color combos. Taking the smallest of inspirations and developing them into finest details of the event is my passion. My love for flowers has grown into my love for patterns, materials, paintings, and artifacts found at flea markets and along highway.

How would you describe your style?

My style has matured and turned into more fashion forward, editorial. We are out of the box, a little funky and think layers mixed with colors is best. We walk the fine line of modern meets Caribbean flair.

Please tell us about what inspires your floral head pieces?

Phillip Treacy is the god of avant garde headware, he creates out of this world pieces of art that are worn with grace and elegance. I love his work and am totally inspired by his style and obscure use of height and materials. I would love to collaborate one day on a collection with him.


What flowers are popular for the season and why are people choosing these flowers amongst other types of blooms?

Radiant Orchid is the color of the year which means flowers that are that color are going to be in high demand such as orchids like Vanda’s, Phaelenopisis, roses, dendrobiums, hydrangea.

Tell us about one of your favorite client pieces. 

I have to admit its when a bride has the grace to wear one or several at her wedding. I love designing the crowns instead of bouquets. Brides are shining that day and wearing an adorned floral crown is just stunning and keeps your hands free to hug your friends and embrace your groom!

Are there any new projects you want to share with us?

We have recently expanded to the LA market and we are building a studio in Culver City. We are excited to be in California working with a network of brides and supporting our NY corporate clients here in California. Come check us out!

Do you have any tips or suggestions for a client who is looking for the perfect floral decor and has absolutely no idea what kind of flowers or style to go with?

This year, floral arrangements are getting a serious upgrade. Think oversized cascade bridal bouquets and elaborate flower installations that hang over the dance floor. Flowers are being woven into the décor more than ever by draping elaborate displays over tables, having fresh flower ceremony arches, decking out cake canopies with flowers and displaying escort cards and seating arrangements on a fresh flower wall.

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Our blogs will be highlighting a different vendor every month which will give you a chance to learn about different event services that will be beneficial for any of your upcoming events! 

Julianne Francisco

Julianne Francisco is a chic and trendy intern, student, and full-time social butterfly. She is currently a junior, studying Marketing at the Rutgers Business School – Newark and has just started interning for Elite Styles Events as their very own Events Coordinator. Dedicating 100% of her efforts to ESE, she uses her time to work hand-in-hand with the team to help coordinate and prepare for all of their events. Although she currently is starting out in the event planning business, she knows that this experience will enhance her perspective and knowledge about event planning as a whole to help with her future career. Her fun-loving, spunky, and energetic personality distinguishes her not only as a hard-worker but also as the ambitious young woman that she is! When she’s not busy being a full-time student and intern, you can find her breaking out a sweat at the gym or shopping for the newest makeup!

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