Last month we had an amazing opportunity to work with Home Depot as a Social Media Influencer. Our project was to take an outdoor space and restyle and repurpose it for outdoor entertaining. We were up to the task and the journey to retransform the outdoor space began. Our winter on the east coast was extremely tough on home renovation and up keeping, so there was alot of work to be done.


20140505_171846 20140505_171918

We decided to host a Primavera Potluck Dinner Party for our guests to welcome a NJ sweltering summer. Being Latinas we love to do potluck parties, it not only keeps the budget cost low for the host but its a great way to form bonding and community.

We decided the yard space we were working with needed a few minor touches that would create a big impact.  We plunged right in by removing the tarp from the tent as well as the green grass cover from what was covering an underground bomb shelter.

Photo May 19, 6 10 04 PM Photo May 19, 7 48 32 PM

After removing the tarp we started to sketch out what we would turn that area into and we decided the tent needed some beautiful outdoor Martha Stewart curtains. While we lifted up the green grass cover we discovered that not only was it a bomb shelter it was an ant and bug shelter! Ewww!! After we got over the insect factor we decided that the cement could not stay bare and needed some paint TLC. So we went ahead and created a fun geometric design using blue tape and chose to stay with bright colors. We decided this “bomb shelter” would be used as a great area to entertain cocktails and refreshments. We also purchased a great ice cooler to keep the refreshments, wine and cocktails chilled.  Here are our after pics.

Photo May 25, 6 41 19 PM

Not only did we want to create this beautiful area to entertain, but we felt there was a need to also create a lounging area for our guests to kick back, relax and enjoy a warm night by a fire pit.  We bought some patio chairs and restyled old marble tiles  by purchasing gold spray paint and creating geometric triangles to spice them up and tie in our modern edgy look.

Photo May 19, 7 15 44 PM IMG_7569 IMG_7748

Welcome to the Primavera Potluck Dinner Party! Here are the rest of the design details and the grand reveal!

We welcomed our guests with some party hashtags to keep the momentum going!


Overall view of the remodel


  We purchased tiki torches to add some flair to the yard as well as keep the bugs away. It’s also a great way to keep the dark areas lit as the evening progresses.


Our bomb shelter turned into a modern refreshment/cocktail area!


We revamped the tent with a glass chandelier which we restyled from a white dingy color to a gold magnifique. We also added glass terrariums and purchased fresh plants from the Home Depot garden and used them to add some greenery to the white space area.


Here is another view!!


All of our guests received an Eco-friendly pot along with seeds to take home and garden. Which we tied with some twine :)


We wanted to create a DIY station for our guests to be entertained. We purchased bathroom tiles and acrylic paint and had guests create their own coasters.

IMG_7576 IMG_7684


Lastly, what’s a dinner table without an amazing tablescape. We purchased fresh plants from the Home Depot Garden and used those as part of our centerpieces.


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